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13 March 2006

Sun and Wind and a Bit of Knitting

Last night we had a terrific thunderstorm, with lightning so close that the thunder kept waking me up. I am extremely grateful to have power this morning! The weather forecast for later today says "WINDS GUSTS AS HIGH AS 60 MPH" this afternoon, and "SCATTERED POWER OUTAGES AND TREE DAMAGE IS LIKELY." So if the blog is not updated, I might be sitting by the window knitting, or outside picking up tree branches.

How about a picture of trees?

These are the five big maple trees that were planted many years ago along the west edge of our property. Taking pictures of them is difficult, because they are SO big, and they are surrounded by a thicket of tall skinny baby maples.

This morning we are getting weak, watery-looking sunlight, with the promise of more rain later.

Although the weekend weather was very nice and sunny, and I spent a lot of time outside, I found I did a surprising amount of knitting.
I am well along towards the corner of the "knitted loofah" facecloth. It is mostly in moss stitch, with a couple of bands of double moss. (The first one to try it out, and the second one to make the first one look deliberate.)

I had been using a pair of new Boye US 1 needles, which I noticed are marked 2.25mm, and then switched to the old yellow or gold needles I got at Goodwill the other day. After a few rows, I got out my needle gauge: hmm, the older size 1's are the 2.5mm size 1's!

I'm not going to fret about it. This is going to be used and washed and used and washed until it falls to pieces, not measured and critiqued by judges. If the texture varies from corner to corner, I'll just turn it around until I have the part I like when I wash my face!

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