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07 March 2006

My Furbaby

Here is Ajax the Golden Dog, one of the frequent contributors of fiber to many of my projects. He was snoring in the doorway. You're so lucky I don't have a way to record him and post it as a sound file. It was hilarious, like a cartoon snore. I stealthily took the picture without the flash, so as not to wake him up.

Since we rescued him as a tiny pup, nothing will convince him I am not his mom. You can usually tell where I am in the house by where he is. Yesterday evening I went out to empty the compost bucket, and managed to come back in without my husband noticing. I was folding a load of laundry in the bedroom when my husband took something into the bathroom. I turned around to find him behind me with a bemused expression. He said, "You know, I was about to tell this dog that he was waiting for you at the wrong door, because you were out in the yard. But I guess he knows more about where you are than I do!"

I have been trying to get a decent picture of the other contributor of hair, Truffles. But she is a black dog, and it is hard to get a picture of her that doesn't look like a black cut-out of a dog. She is extremely suspicious of the camera pointing at her, and stands up and leaves the room if I try to take pictures when she's awake.

So how about a "spring is coming!" picture instead?

Yes, spring is creeping in. I have to put a couple of taps out on the maple trees. We made maple syrup for the first time last spring, and it came out very well. Considering we live on property with really huge old maples, it is surprising it took us 15 years to up and do it. And this year I have a candy thermometer, so I should be able to get the syrup to the right consistency without veering wildly between "way too thin" and "sugar".

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Anonymous Bethelia said...

You forgot to mention that Ajax is the size of a small horse! He is the biggest baby I've ever seen.

Also, I have an extra microphone if you want to borrow it to record his precious snore for the internets.

Lastly, real syrup is supposed to be thin! But yes, you do need a candy thermometer to keep it from becoming taffy or sugar. It's amazing how fast that can happen!

Must get the short people together soon! Love and hugs!

3:21 PM  

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