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24 February 2006

The School Day that Wasn't

Today started out pretty normally. I got up and showered and dressed, I got my son up and dressed and fed breakfast in time for me to drive him to school.

Once inside the coatroom door, though, things fell apart. He started to cry and said his throat hurt him. Since I was standing there with a sore throat myself, I believed him. I told him he couldn't go home and watch the video we checked out last night, and he still wanted to go home.

So instead of being at home with a sore throat by myself, I was home with a slightly-sick kid. I knitted a couple of rounds of sock cuff on the Two-Socks-At-Once, administered cocoa and chicken soup, and started another knitted bookmark in the white linen. (No, of course I haven't finished the brown one yet -- don't I have to have at least five or six projects all going at once? )

As we were having lunch, my husband got home from the class he was taking. Now I had both of my guys home! They looked at each other and said, "What are you doing home?"

I was thinking that about both of them!


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