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17 February 2006

True Confessions

or, Anna Karenina will just have to smack me

You haven't seen these socks for a while because I was being bad. I had them on two sets of needles while I got the spiral ribbing spiralling to my satisfaction. Trying to spiral them opposite ways with one sock inside out was too much of a strain for my brain. Then while I was knitting the ribbing, I got nervous about how small the remaining yarn ball was getting, and decided to stripe the cuff for a ways to extend the remaining gray.

But now they are "Two Socks At Once" again. And knitting in stripes and layers is going pretty well. I talk to myself all the time while knitting these socks.

"Inside yarn has to stay inside. Or at least go back inside after I purl it. Was I knitting a gray row or a blue row? Let's see, I see a knit stitch on the inside, that means I'm purling it so the back of the purl, the knit, will show on the inside. How long is this rib, now? Okay, two rows until I have to bump the rib over. Outside sock bumps over to the right, changing on a gray row."

By the way, I have learned that mini-M & M tubes have multiple uses in knitting.

Firstly, the M & M's can be used as row counters: put one for each row in a dish and eat one at the end of each row.

Secondly, when your center-pull yarn ball gets floppy and unwinds all over the place, you can use the M & M tube as a nostepinde, or "Swedish yarn ball winding thingie" to make a new ball.

Other things on the needles:

Top-down hat (working ribbing on about six US size 5s)
Smoke ring
Seed stitch face cloth
Dead Buick, aka "the Endless Belt" on adjustable knitting board
probably other stuff that I can't think of right now.

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