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06 February 2006

Snow Again

Saturday evening and Saturday night we had fine snow and plenty of wind. We didn't really get a lot of snow, but the wind sculpted it into interesting shapes.

Here is the snowdrift hanging off our porch roof I tried to post this morning.

I drove up to Grand Rapids to visit my friend Beth and so our sons could play. She took a picture of the bookmark I am tatting with machine quilting thread and emailed it to me.

Our sons' front teeth match: they have both already lost both bottom incisors, lost one top incisor "a while ago" and the other "recently". So they look like little toothless vampires.

The highway driving was fine, but my road, which has some stretches of open fields and shallow ditches, was a slick of white ice. When we came home, I saw a red car off in the ditch. Since the ditch that goes through the culvert under the end of my driveway is very deep, I slowed down turning into the driveway. If my Honda Odyssey went in there, it would end up vertical, nose-down. No thanks!

Although the road was much worse (white ice and spots where snow had drifted across a good foot high) than the last couple of times when we have had two-hour school delays, today school was open. So along with the regular round of Monday chores, I'm hoping to get some knitting done and maybe finish the two-at-once sock heels.

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Anonymous Bethelia said...

It was great to see you! Why do we always forget to take pictures of the boys? We are idiots! Those toothless grins won't last long. Oh well, maybe we'll remember next time.

Also, I covet your socks.

But I've said too much already.

4:47 PM  

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