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30 January 2006

Busy Weekend

We started the weekend out right by renting "Kung Fu Hustle". Okay, you can probably guess that this was my husband's choice, but he said, "This one will be okay." Translated, that means "This won't be too bloody, scary, and gory, and you won't have to hide your eyes or leave the room."

I did hide my eyes in spots. The first scene was the worst, yuck. But after that, the movie did have some funny scenes, and I love wirework, where the actors fly around. I also like the scene where the landlady stands up to the hired killers, who use a deadly stringed instrument as a weapon. Yelling "Quiet!" should always be so powerful. And the dancing Axe Gang, I liked them, too. Not a movie I would have picked out myself, but it had its moments.

Saturday we went to a Modular Railroad show. I wondered about "modular," but what these guys do is build model railroad modules to certain standards so that when they get together, they can each put their modules together and have them fit. My son, who loved Thomas the Tank Engine only a year ago, and my mother, who is a life-long rail fan, came with me. We had a great time watching the trains run and checking out all the cool little details in each module.

Then we went home, and my mom entertained my son by having him help her bake a cake. Given that I usually bake cakes out of a boxes, this was pretty entertaining to watch. My son was amazed that you could make frosting, not just buy it.

Both Saturday and Sunday, my husband painted the inside of our geodesic dome room. It is now completely gray, a very very light gray. It was amazing to me how hard it was to find the gray we were looking for. We looked at all kinds of gray paint chips that were not the "right" gray. And then when we found the one we wanted, it had a silly name: "bunny gray". This paint is very strange, as it looks lighter wet than when it dries.

Sunday night finished up with a new moon drumming circle. These are scheduled from 7 to 9pm. Last night someone asked what time it was, and holy cow! It was a quarter to nine already! Sometimes I still miss our old, much larger circle, but not when almost two hours of drumming fly by with that much energy!

The two-socks-at-once are longer, about six inches now. I want to post a picture, but the digital camera seems to have gone somewhere with my husband. Over the weekend I took the socks apart to check the fit, and to make sure the outside sock wasn't really bigger than the inner one. Now they are back together again, and in only three or four more rows, I have to start the heel.

Beverly Royce does a heel with a gusset, but I'm not sure my "knitting brain" is up to following her directions yet. I've never tried a Sherman Heel, and I'm thinking about using that one. But first I am messing around trying to figure out the "knit encroachment" and "purl encroachment" directions to my satisfaction.

I have a little ball of dishcloth cotton that I try these things on. This little ball of yarn has been so many things, I am a little surprised it doesn't knit itself up into things when I leave it alone. It is getting pretty experienced!

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