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20 March 2007

Double Knitting Knit-Along: Open Tube Cast-on

I had to wander off this morning and pick my husband up after he took his car back to the collision repair shop. You might remember that he hit a deer with it back in February.

All of the cosmetic repairs were done, but when I drove it up to Byron Center last Monday for the West Michigan Lace Group meeting, the steering felt funny.

When I mentioned this to him, he said he had thought so, too, but what with the snow and ice he'd been driving on, he hadn't been sure he really felt anything wrong. But he called the repair shop, and the first thing they said was, "Ah. Did you run over it?" When he answered yes, they told him to bring it in.

Instead of blogging knitting first thing this morning, instead I had to follow him up there so he would have a ride back.

When I got back, I took this series of step-by-step photos for casting on and knitting an open, double-knitted tube.

The yarn is a skein of Regia "Crazy Color" that I bought for one dollar at a Goodwill store. The colors made it very easy to cast on so I could show half the stitches in red and half in blue.

Tomorrow I hope to have a slightly more normal morning!



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