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16 March 2007

Knitting At Extremes

Weather extremes and size extremes.

Monday's high temperature was 69 degrees F. Today's predicted high is "mid-30's", so if we guess 35 degrees, the high today will be about half the high on Monday.

Monday night's low was 64 degrees -- this morning the temperature was 21 when I woke up. Michigan weather is nothing if not a roller-coaster ride.

In the picture, the extremes of size that I am knitting. At the large end of the spectrum, a rug on a US size 13 circular needle. The material is worn out polyester-cotton t-shirts, spiral-cut into one long piece.

At the small end, I am reaching the end of my knitted miser's purse, with about an inch or so more to knit. (At 20 rows to the inch!) The thread is size 30 crochet cotton, and the needles are alternating size 000 (blue) and size 0000 (silver).

I haven't been able to bring myself to knit on this purse for months, not because of the size, but because it was gleefully pointed out to me that it looked like I was knitting a condom. [rolls eyes] Well, that put me right off knitting on it. Now that I'm back at it, I'm determined to finish it, no matter what it looks like, and even if I can't find small enough rings to slide onto the center.

I am getting so used to knitting on the 3-0's and 4-0's that I was thinking the blue 000's were the "big" 00's from the Susan Bates sock set. But I went and looked, and no, the red ones are the "big" 00's.

Pi shawl update: I love it even more now that I've used it for a month. It's very handy on a cold morning to just throw it over my shoulders and type away. Now my hands are thinking they need a pair of muffetees, since they are all that stick out from the edge of the shawl when I type.

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Blogger Beth said...

Uh, oh, that comment wasn't from me, was it? Because that sounds exactly like the kind of thing I might say! (Cringes!)

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