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06 March 2007

It's C-c-cold!

The overnight low was around 5 degrees F. (-14 C.). But look, this morning it's sunny! . . . sunny and 10 degrees.

After shovelling snow for two months, we had a rainstorm last Thursday, followed by a freeze on Friday. My husband gave himself a birthday present and had the driveway plowed by a guy on a big ATV with a dump bucket in the front and a scraper blade in the back. We still have ice in the driveway, but at least it's smooth ice instead of deep, tire-sucking ruts.

So the driveway is plowed, just in time for another 3-5 inches of snow predicted for tonight. *sigh* Hard to believe last year at about this time, I had heard the spring peepers already, and my winter aconite, crocus, and snowdrops were up. Some of the crocuses are along the white wall of the shed in the photo -- that would be under the three-foot pile of snow!

Luckily (?) I have this to keep me going: "Mexican Style Macaroni and Cheese".

As a member of the National Guard, my husband is often issued MRE's (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) during drills. Sometimes uneaten parts of them come home with him. This particular one cracked me up!

(If you have to know, "Mexican" mac and cheese has slightly spicy cheese sauce and red and green peppers. Just in case you are now wild to make your own [she said dryly].)

And here is the end of the double-knitted hat! The photo shows the inside and the outside with the yarn tail not yet darned in.

I am still debating whether I want to leave it alone, so it's reversible, or make some kind of tassel for the top. My favorite part is at the top, at about 90 stitches, where the very light blue starts to show up as single stitches against a darker background. Too bad the colors don't do this for the whole hat, in my opinion.

I was just looking through some posts from last March, where I had the first inklings of how to knit this on needles instead of a double round knitting frame. I really do feel like my brain has grown an extra mental limb.

That reminds me: I have to put in a plug for the TECHknitting blog, which has such a good explanation for why stockinette curls. This is one of the first questions that a new peg frame knitter asks when they start knitting flat pieces. (The second question is, "How do I keep it from curling?") Go read TECHknitting and find out!


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