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02 March 2007

I'm Published!

Isela Phelps, of Decor Accents Knitting Loom Store, and Denise Layman, author of Learn to Knit on Circle Looms, have started an online magazine for frame (aka "loom") knitters, Loom Knitters Circle.

I have to admit that I enjoy writing blog posts and replying to emails a lot more than trying to write for publication. Somehow, the skillful turn of phrase goes right out of my head when I am sitting at the computer trying to "write". You know, write-write, seriously write, as opposed to letting the words flow out of my fingers.

Another confession: I've been doing a lot of needle knitting and not much frame knitting lately. There is so much to knitting, so much to learn and explore. But I did finally finish the double-knitted potholder I started before Christmas.
It is darker today, and I can't seem to get a good picture of it. I think of this as "the ugly potholder," because I don't like the dark pink at all. For once, I'll be happy if the dishcloth cotton fades in the laundry.

However, it makes a great potholder. It's thick and solid, so I won't get burned when I pull the pizza pan out of the oven with it.

Weather -- we are back to "Pi shawl" weather, after about a week of above-freezing temperatures. Yesterday we had lightning and heavy rain: today we have sideways snow and high winds. The temperature dropped from 40 degrees F. to 28, and the air pressure dropped from 1012 millibars to 987.

Not only did the water in our Goethe barometer go up in the tube, we also discovered that a bottle of "Agent Cool Blue" plaque detection rinse will act as a barometer, and the higher air pressure inside the bottle will make the rinse well up into the cup when all you do is open the bottle top! (Fortunately, this was discovered over the bathroom sink.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your article is perfect--exactly what we need, informative and full of facts! Perfect! You are one of the most knowledgeable person I know in the subject :).

Thank you for the plug to the e-zine :D.

And your confession--well, I have to admit that I have been also needle knitting more than loom knitting :)

11:12 AM  
Blogger tatt3r said...

Yay, you are published! I followed the link and read your article. Your research is impressive, I never expected loom knitting to be so old!

6:52 PM  

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