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02 April 2007

Double Knitting Knit-Along, Purl-Side-Out Tube

Cast on as before, for either an open or closed tube, or continue with your original tube.

Purl-side-out Tube, First Method:

*Purl one stitch with yarn in front.
Slip one stitch with yarn in front.*

The yarn stays in front for this method, just purl and slip.
The tube forms purl side out. The yarn travels around the tube clockwise if you are looking down at the top of the tube. Two rows equal one round.

You can also join us for this double-knitting knit-along on the Yahoo double knitting group.



Blogger Lee said...

Hi there. Thanks for the post. Just wanted to say that if you scroll down on that page you will see a map. My family and I are from Moca. Where the Museum is. This is a really nice page you found. Thanks. And by the way, I feel double knitting is so challenging I am afraid to take a chance. I do double knitting on looms. Maybe I can learn with needles soon.

2:00 PM  

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