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28 March 2007

Brain Duly Stretched!

One of the great pleasures of the internet is that I get exposed to knitting techniques that really blow my mind.

Alasdair, he of the fallingblox antiblog, posted about this technique back in May and November of 2006 -- double knitting that is not the same pattern, in reversed colors, on the back. (His website is picture-heavy if you live in dial-up land like me, but worth it. Take a look at the swatch in his 20 November 2006 post!)

He described how he does this in a message to the Yahoo double-knitting group yesterday, and since it was chilly and damp out today and the tax forms are all filled in, I sat down with some graph paper and contrasting colors of Wool-Ease and knitted my own "proof of concept" swatch.

This, this is just too cool for words.

My tension isn't perfect here, but I can foresee some very cool hats and brain-stretching potholders heading to the county fair in the future. Winter socks with double-knitted cuffs, reversible mittens, scarves with the fronts completely different from the backs. *happy sigh*



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks so neat. I will go check it out.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Alwen said...

The basic idea is that if you are already doing *reversible double knitting, you can choose between your two colors at each pair of front and back stitches.

So as you knit each pair of front & back stitches, you could knit both dark, both light, or one layer dark and the other layer light.

*like a hot pad with a red heart on a white background on the front, and a white heart with a red background on the back

10:25 AM  

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