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20 March 2007

I Love Crazy People

One of my friends sent me the Stonehenge YouTube video that was on the Discovery channel a couple of years back.

I hate YouTube. Or else I hate dial-up. When you are downloading big photos or video through the tin can and the string that passes for the internet out here in corn- and soybean-growing land, let's just say you can get a lot of knitting done. (Or a lot of Taipei played.)

Anyway, I let the video download, only to find that the Canadian Discovery episode I'm watching was taken in Flint, Michigan. Not exactly my backyard, more like a two-and-a-half hour drive, but a lot closer to SW Michigan, USA, than I expected.

I won't link to it because of the cheesy ads, but trot on over to www.theforgottentechnology.com and watch somebody who has slapped many a whining summer mosquito move huge blocks of concrete. Now if we could just hit those mosquitoes with the concrete blocks, [she thinks].


Anonymous Linda said...

Dear Lost Art Blogger:
I was almost finished reading every single bit of your blog, including following all the links (by the way the "IO??" link is no longer working.) and I noticed you love crazy people. So, I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm going to begin a blog, and Yahoo's "Double Knitting" group led me to your delightful blog. I found several things of interest, printed your insightful recipe for Apple Dumplings (a favorite of my husband's)and wrote a quote I'd love to use, with permission of course (K1, P1, Sl1 with yarn in back, Sl1 with yarn in front. Repeat until hands fall off.)
I'm going to try to RSS your blog, and you can plan on hearing from me again.
Linda Sparkman of: Black Sheep Northville

8:58 PM  

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