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15 March 2007

Calling All Double-Knitters

Especially would-be double-knitters! It looks like we'll be doing a Knit-Along on the Yahoo double-knitting group, making a flattened tube on two straight knitting needles.

If you are interested, please join the group. The Knit-Along will start next week Monday, and I'll be posting pictures both here and on the group. Most of the action will probably take place on the Yahoo group.

This technique takes fairly basic knitting skills: the ability to cast-on, knit, and purl. All you need is a pair of straight needles and some fairly smooth yarn. I wouldn't recommend eyelash yarn or anything fuzzy, at least not while you learn the technique. You'll want something that lets you see and feel what's going on.

This was a pair of mittens I knit a couple of years ago using the purl-and-slip technique, when this was the only way I felt comfortable knitting in the round. The one on the left is squashed over so you can see all the stitches bunched up on the single needle.

The green yarn in the one on the right was laid in for the "thumb trick", so I could come back and pick up those stitches to knit the thumb.



Blogger Bells said...

Alwen I am so tempted. I read this yesterday and have been mulling it over since then. I think until the steeked jacket is done, I'm sworn off joinging any other KALs!!!

8:31 AM  

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