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08 March 2007

Knitting In First

The knitting has been coming in last lately, so I thought I'd share the beginning of a bookmark for the West Michigan Lace Group's exchange.

This is knitted from the center heart in Marianne Kinzel's First Book of Modern Lace Knitting, the pattern in the very back of the book.

The thread is a ball of Coats & Clark's tatting thread, color 15, so old that it says 15 cents on top. The needles are Susan Bates US size 0's from the sock set.

After knitting with singles linen for bookmarks last year, this is not much different. My only worry is how it will block. The linen certainly blocked out nicely when I wasn't scorching it on the top of the soapstone woodstove!

I went looking for the linen I knitted "White Diamonds" and "Brown Leaves" out of last year, and I found the white linen. Then I found the brown linen -- still attached to a second unfinished "Brown Leaf" bookmark! Since last May, I've worked exactly one more repeat on it.

However, the nice thing is if I knit another repeat or two, I'll have a finished bookmark. I've been thinking about tatting one, too, but this time I won't use the variegated quilting thread. I'll use a thread that even someone who is not nearsighted can see.

Peg Frame Knitting News

"Loom" knitting has arrived -- check out Isela's article in the new Spring Knitty!

Wind-sculpted snow along the drainage ditch several miles north and east of my house.

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Anonymous CoffeeLady said...

Fabulous blog/knitting - I've been reading and following links while enjoying my coffee this a.m. Beautiful work, and now you have me totally curious about loom knitting!!

12:59 PM  

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