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01 March 2007

Thunder Alarm Clock

There are still several inches of grainy, slushy snow on the ground, but this morning before my alarm clock went off, I was awakened by thunder and lightning and rain. After the storm passed over, I checked my email, because I subscribed to school-closing emails from a local TV station, and read an email that said there was a two-hour delay. So I let our son sleep in.

Later I checked the TV station's website, only to find that the delay wasn't listed, and no schools in my entire county were listed as closed or delayed. Huh? So I hustled the child into clothes and through breakfast, and drove off to the school. Which was open. Apparently the TV station had broadcast a correction, but so far they still haven't sent out an email correction!

Although it is raining, it is bright enough out that I can finally take a picture of ribbing that shows ribbing. The other day the sun was shining, and our son looked at this yarn and said, "This yarn isn't blue! It's got purple and yellow and green in it!"

The yarn is Wool-Ease "Blue Mist," and although I have no way to take a digital picture that shows the colors, he is right. It is spun of different colors, with the blue predominating, but up close and in good natural light, it does indeed have purple and green and yellow in it. It's so pretty up close, it's a pleasure to knit with it.

The ragg wool is a little scratchier to knit with. I switched to ribbing and have knitted just over an inch so far. It looks like I will need to unravel the second legwarmer of the too-tight pair in order to finish this pair, but it will be so nice to finally have a pair that fits instead of feeling like compression hose.

I did most of this knitting on Tuesday. Yesterday I got busy and cleaned the electrostatic cell of our air cleaner. It sits right near the soapstone woodstove and filters out soot and dust, so every so often I have to unplug it, lift out the cleaning cell, spray it with degreaser, and soak it out in hot water. The instruction manual says to clean it in your dishwasher -- but come on, I eat off those dishes!

And we exchanged the water in the betta fish's tank, and I stripped the beds and flipped the mattresses, which was quite a job up on my son's loft bed. I have to say, the loft bed is extremely stable. It doesn't rock or wiggle or rock, even while I am mattress-wrestling in a confined space!

We bought the plans and the bolt kit from OP Loftbed. While I don't think my husband and I could have built it without my dad and my brother's help, I am very pleased with the bed now that it has been up for several months.

So today -- I have a whole heap of bedsheets to wash.

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