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17 February 2007

Uniform of the Day

That would be Smartwool socks & long thermal underwear.

Although it's warmed up to a whole 24 degrees F., we'll be shovelling the driveway in a 12-degree windchill, in anticipation of a "warming" trend up into the 30's this week. Whereas you can drive on hard cold snow packed into your driveway, once it starts to warm up, that stuff gets greasy and slick. So we'll be shovelling, shovelling, shovelling.

It's nothing like the 8 to 10 feet of snow they got in New York, thank goodness, but it's plenty heavy when it's your arms & back.

Our son had yesterday off from school, and both my husband and son have Monday off also. I don't know what fun family stuff we might be doing on that day, but I do know we'll be picking up our repaired car. But it might be a blog-free day, we'll see.


Blogger Bells said...

God I love those socks!!!!

5:50 PM  

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