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09 February 2007

Ta Da!

It's done! My half-circle Pi shawl is finally done! I've been knitting on it since October, and it's done. Just visualize me here doing a happy Snoopy-the-dog dance!

It's in my front-loading washing machine, and I'm waiting for the buzzer to sound so I can go pull it out. I hope it comes out as nice as the swatch I washed, months ago now. Washing brought the mohair fibers out in a frosted-looking halo over the dark grape color. If the shawl comes out like that, I'll be completely happy.

And the handout for my class tomorrow is done.

I usually have a hard time getting drawings started. Then after the first drawing or two, something clicks, and I do the rest and forget what was hard.

I draw in pencil, then re-draw with black marker, erase, and scan in black and white. Then I clean up the drawings a little, resize them, and insert them in a Word document. After much arguing with Word about where the drawings will go on the page, I'm done!

Probably no blog post tomorrow, but if you're going to be at Val Day (St. Valentine's Day Massacre XXXIV in Kalamazoo, Michigan), maybe I'll see you there!

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Blogger Kat said...

Your shawl looks fabulous!! I love that color, too.

I just started my first Pi shawl last week, the Shetland Tea Shawl from A Gathering Of Lace, and so far I love it. Of course I'm not very far into it, but seeing yours will help me push on when the rounds seem endless.

Very nice job!! I can't wait to see it after being in the dryer.

My aunt and uncle live in Kalamazoo. The few times I've visited it seems like a neat place, especially when I hear abotu fibery and knitting things going on there!

1:40 PM  

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