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31 January 2007

Snowing So Hard

It was snowing so hard yesterday evening that I couldn't see across my yard. There's about a foot of snow out there. It took a lot of brushing to clear my van off to take our son to school this morning. (School was open today, much to his disappointment.)

I used my time indoors to work on catching up on my "Sampler M". I finished pattern 22 "Scales", pattern 23 "Brioche", pattern 24 "Cloche", and I'm almost done with 25, "Torch".

I printed out 26 and 27, and I believe there is one more pattern yet to come. I have learned a lot knitting all of these different patterns, and I've tried many things I had seen in knitting books and thought, "I should try that someday", like the picot-point edge, and the brioche stitch.

The brioche came out surprisingly light and fluffy even considering that I am using size 10 crochet cotton thread and US size 0 knitting needles. Mary Thomas says it is also known as "shawl stitch", and I think it would be a great stitch for a scarf, a shawl, or a stole. It's very lofty, and in the right yarn it would be light, lacy-looking, and warm.

As if I didn't have a large enough project backlog already!

[Edited to add: If you were looking for a Pi shawl, go admire Tatt3r's Pi in its almost-finished state!]

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