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18 January 2007

Procrastinating. With Sprinkles.

I finished up Pattern 20 from Sampler M yesterday, even after discovering I had repeated the first row three times and frogging it out. This is a nice textured pattern, but hard to photograph.

Although I purled it the way it was written, I think many knitters would prefer to knit it. The back looks like garter stitch, and the front is sort of honeycombed. Since it's basically garter stitch with *sprinkles, it lies perfectly flat.

I tried to get a picture of it against the light to show the fishscale effect of the slipped stitches,
but it doesn't really show up.

The next pattern, pattern 21, creates giant eyelets. It says to cut the thread! [shudder] I don't know if I can bring myself to do it! Some members of the Sampler M group have discussed other ways to create the eyelets without cutting the thread. I will have to re-read their messages and see if I understand what they are doing with no pictures.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of deadlines I have to meet. I said I'd teach a class on basic netmaking, which means I have to order netting shuttles, write up and illustrate instructions, and make gauges. So sitting around blogging is just another way of procrastinating. With sprinkles.

*sprinkles: You know, hagelslag, sprinkles. I mean "garter stitch made fancy", the way the whipped cream on top of hot chocolate is sometimes fancied-up with sprinkles.

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