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09 January 2007

A POX on Technology!

I spent a good chunk of time this morning on a post and uploading photos, only to have Blogger go down for maintenance.


The longer explanation -- I had the whole *@#$% post done and clicked on Publish, only to have Blogger blithely give me an error screen that it was down for maintenance.

My first stupid act: usually at this point I cut and paste the whole blinkin' thing, HTML and all, and SAVE it. Guess what? I didn't! Instead, I hibernated my computer, thinking I would come back after grocery-shopping, wake it back up, and just hit publish then. (bonking head on brick wall)

Next stupid act: after coming back from the grocery-shopping and putting everything away, I didn't wake the computer up and hit Publish. Instead I put away groceries, answered a phone call, and sneaked in twenty minutes of reading Terry Pratchett's The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents before heading to school to pick up the kid.

Third stupid act: after getting the kid, I still didn't turn on the computer.

At some point, the kid turned on the computer and switched users so he could play the games that are under his User name. After he was put in bed for the night, I finally sat down at the computer.

Then I did the really stupid stuff, the stuff that really has me bonking my own head on the wall:

Since I often can't connect to the internet after switching back to my User name, I, ah, logged him off and rebooted. Which toasted my no-doubt-still-patiently-waiting blog post from this morning. And I can't blame anybody except myself for any of these bonehead moves.



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