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05 January 2007

Still No Knitting

Instead, I've been printing and cutting out and folding origami rhombic dodecahedron calendars, using Nick Robinson's A4 rhombic unit.

The one on the left was generated using Ole Arntzen's calendar generator. I like this calendar generator for its long list of language choices (Chinese, Estonian, . . . ) and the ability to generate either a .PDF or .PS file. It does require the use of A4 size paper, or American legal size. I used 8.5 x 11-inch paper, and had to cut one edge off all the rectangles by hand.

The one on the right was generated at Todd's Place. This calendar generator outlines the rectangles for you. However, the output is in .PS (Postscript) format, so you have to use a convertor (link found at the site) if you need a .PDF file to print out. And I confess to being completely confused by the directions in the box on "Page scaling"!

Each calendar takes a dozen (surprise! one for each month) A4 rhombic units, so it takes me a while to fold them. They are great calendars for teachers, for putting on your desk, and for putting by our telephone, where people are always asking, "What are you doing on the 20th?"

And one big advantage of rhombic dodecahedron calendars is that they don't get buried on a horizontal surface!



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