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20 December 2006

Something New: Email

If you've clicked on my profile, wanting to email me, and discovered I had left my already-heavily-spammed email address hidden, now you're in luck!

I created a Yahoo email address just for this blog, so email away.

Today is our son's last day of school before Christmas, so I have to wrap a couple of things for him, go out shopping for a few odds and ends, and get back in time for the school party.

Somehow I don't think there will be much knitting in there unless I bring it to the party.

Sunday is Christmas Eve, which is the big chowder and apple dumpling making day at our house, so I doubt I'll be thinking about posting a sky picture, even if I had remembered up until now.

Not to mention that Saturday's forecast is "Mostly cloudy with a chance of light rain showers and light snow showers", so today's sky is bound to be a lot prettier!


Blogger Beth said...

I miss our annual shopping trips. Let's try to get the boys together over break!

Love ya!


12:59 PM  

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