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12 December 2006

This is Why I Love Snow

Southwest Michigan doesn't get a whole lot of sunshine in the winter. Most winter days are either cloudy, or partly cloudy. Plus the daylength is down to about nine hours and some minutes.

When we have snow, the whiteness scatters and reflects the daylight we do get, and makes it seem brighter out. When the snow melts, it gets pretty dark and damp and dreary!

On a brighter note, last night was our West Michigan Lace Group Christmas meeting. The library staff said we could bring food into the meeting room as long as they got cookies -- we were happy to comply! After the library closed, some of our members treated us to Christmas carols on flute and hammer dulcimer.

We had an ornament exchange, which is always fun, and I took the opportunity to walk around the tables and see what other members are working on.

Just before the meeting broke up, my friend Tatt3r confessed she has a new puppy! Take a look at that sweet little puppy face!

Edited to add: A NATO summit meeting and Latvian mittens . . . what could they have in common? Take a look at Habetrot's blog entry and find out!

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