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06 December 2006

I Have A Michigan Blog

I'm not sure how my blog got added to the "Absolute Michigan" blog list. Just because I live in Michigan and often post about our goofy local weather and life in rural Michigan, does that mean this is a Michigan blog? I guess it does.

Surely Marguerite's blog is at least as much of a Michigan blog as mine is. Look at all the snow she got! We only got a fluffy inch or so, which today is turning soggy in 37 degree temperatures.

This morning's southwest Michigan weather headlines show it turning colder again and lake effect snow for tonight.

I meant to knit on my blue scarf yesterday, but I was waylaid by my half-circle Pi Shawl. Here is the last picture I took of it, back at eight repeats, on October 27th.

I realized that one reason I stopped working on it was that while October was Snow-tober (and I knitted on it a lot), November was Summer-vember. It was so warm so often (60 degrees in November?) that a shawl didn't seem high on the list.

Another reason was I had just knitted through a slubby section of the yarn, and was pretty ticked off at it.

Anyway, I sat down by the window last night to knit some more, and the cold air was sheeting down the glass onto my lap. Suddenly having all that mohair in my lap felt a lot nicer again.

I have said before that when a project loses its "knitting mojo," when I just don't feel like knitting on it, I have learned to set it aside. It might hibernate for days, weeks, or even months, but if I force myself to work on it, it might sit for years! I just wait until it looks like the coolest thing on the planet to work on. Eventually it will come around again, or else it will get frogged.

So I finished the ninth repeat on the Pi shawl (cheater picture is from October, as Blogger says "your request could not be completed" when I try to upload a new one), worked my calculations again, and am tentatively planning to work three more repeats and a knitted-on, probably seed stitch, border. That will give me three lace repeats in the first section, six in the second, and twelve in the third, nice and symmetrical.

Speaking of Pi Shawls, Tatt3r is knitting a full-circle one. Having seen this yarn in person, I can tell you that the camera does not pick up its beauty. On my monitor, it looks basically sand-colored. In real life, it has a lot of subtle color shifts, almost an oil-on-water iridescence.

I don't often push charity knitting, even for a good cause. I figure knitters are good people, and they can figure out for themselves where to best send their charitable efforts.

But frame knitters, particularly those who knit on round frames like the Knifty Knitter, pump out hats like nobody's business. Save the Children's "Caps to the Capital" project needs hats for newborns, 9 to 11 inches in circumference.

I leave you to figure out the rest.

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Blogger Marguerite said...

Thanks for the link.

The foot of snow we got Monday melted on Wednesday and replenished itself today (Thursday). This foot of snow is heavier and more challenging to walk though and shovel. Yep. That's Michigan.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

How cool! Well, you know how these things happen, it comes from following the Dory school of writing, "just keep writing, just keep writing." See, I haven't been able to do that, not because nobody's reading per se, more because I don't have the self discipline.

4:39 PM  

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