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01 December 2006

Good Socks for the Weather!

The blue socks are done and washed just in time for snow!

I've been asked more than once, "Do you really like wearing such thick socks?" Yes, I love it! I even wear them in the summer a lot of the time, when I wear shoes at all.

I completely ran out of the "Denim Twist" color, but I am happy with the stripey transition to the "Blue Mist" yarn. In fact, close up, the "Blue Mist" is a blend of blue with fibers of other colors. It's so pretty to knit that I've already started the toe of yet another pair of socks.

We did get some snow, but we got ice first. All this white stuff is on top of a layer of ice. The trees are creaking and clicking in the wind. I felt lucky that we didn't lose power.

When the electricity goes out, we still have heat -- the soapstone woodstove heats the whole house. What we lose is water, since the well pump runs on electricity. I don't mind burning tealights or pulling out the pierzyna, but I really miss flushing the toilet.

Here is our friend Mr. Stumpy in the snow. You can see that the snow is not very deep. Locally, we mostly got ice and just a little snow. But it was icy enough that all the schools were closed, so I have had a fun day of watching old cartoons (Bugs Bunny, Three Stooges cartoons, and Tweety and Sylvester from the early 60's) and making cocoa for a chilled kid.

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Blogger Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Cool Socks! What's the yarn/pattern?

6:07 PM  
Blogger Alwen said...

Well, the yarn is easy: boring old Lion Brand Wool-Ease, mostly "Denim Twist" and some "Blue Mist".

The pattern is "my standard toe-up sock that fits my foot", 24 stitches cast on using the Magic Cast-On from knitty.com, increased to 60 stitches at a rate of 4 stitches at a time, every other round. Knit until 6.5 inches long, turn a heel on 40 stitches, decreasing to 12 stitches at the point of the heel.

The cuffs are 2-2 spiral ribbing (K2, p2) for 5 rows, then bump the ribbing over by one stitch and knit 5 more rows. One sock spirals clockwise and the other counter-clockwise.

Yes, I'm one of those knitters who designs in my head and out my fingers, very often with no stops for note-taking on the way. (Very frustrating when I come back to something and don't remember how the heck I was doing it!)

10:19 PM  
Blogger Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Thanks! I'm not a sock knitter yet, I've started quite a few pairs, but haven't found the patience to finish, which is funny because I've done many projects that use much more yarn! Perhaps I'll give it a try.


10:32 PM  

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