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25 November 2006

Almost Made It Through "Buy Nothing" Day

We spent almost all of Friday, "Buy Nothing" Day, at home. I moved the brackets on some mini-blinds in the house, and my husband chainsawed branches out of a maple tree that was clawing off the foliage of a big white cedar tree.

After he was done, I went out and dragged away the branches. So not much knitting done!

We've been having beautiful November weather. Sunny, "warm" -- well, 50s and near-60s in Michigan in November is warm: I ended up taking my jacket off.

But it looks like the weather is going to make a sharp left turn into winter Wednesday night and Thursday. Wednesday's forecast says "Highs in the lower 50s", Wednesday night says "Lows in the upper 20s" (brrr!), and Thursday's says "chance of snow showers, high in the mid-30s".

In the evening, we went to the nearby small town's tree-lighting ceremony, and Santa arrived in a closed horse carriage, drawn by a horse with yellow reflective safety bands around its ankles. Last year we had a beautiful fall of fresh snow for this event, but (see "50s and 60s", above) not this year.

I actually remembered to bring the camera, but couldn't get a good picture in the dark, darn it. You'll have to use your imagination.

This year the local school had a cookie sale, so it was there that we finally bought something: a plate of homemade cookies to support the parent-teacher group. Yum.



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