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15 November 2006

Rake Knitting on Needles

Although I don't love acrylic, I also don't love putting a scarf around my neck that leaves me prickly and itching. So, *sigh*, this scarf is a poufy thing made out of Red Heart Symphony. Although it fuzzes up instantly and looks like sock lint, it feels super soft.

And since I'm knitting it in the fake rake knitting stitch, it is lofty. Lofty, thick, and super-warm. It's got about a half an inch of air in there. It's like knitting a big blue waffle.

I actually took it off the needles and put it on one of my double rakes for a couple of inches, which was much faster than knitting it on needles. However, my double rake has wire-brad pegs about the thickness of a US size 1 or 0 knitting needle.

When I first started rake-knitting (or frame knitting), I didn't think the peg size mattered much. But at the time I was using string-sized yarns and threads. What I eventually discovered was that if the peg size was too small, the stitch was small, and the "ladder" between the stitches was long.

If I had a scarf board with thicker pegs, I would definitely knit this scarf on it.

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