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13 November 2006

More Cheerful Knitting Stuff

The Pi shawl is resting. I guess that's what you call it. Resting, dormant, waiting for me to want to knit on it again.

Meanwhile, I knitted a couple-four rows on the fancy knitted cloth, finally, after [cough] several months.

And the blue socks have been resting while I decided if I could stand how the increases looked.

Originally they looked like this (red background). I didn't think I liked how those sudden increases flared the foot of the sock out, and I was waiting to see if time would make me like them any better.

It didn't.

I unravelled them completely back to the cast-on row and re-knitted them, redistributing the increases so they came out as a smooth curve. Now I like them much better, and expect to finish the feet and maybe start turning the heels today.

These are plain old Wool-Ease socks, knitted on alternating US size 2 and 3 needles. If the first needle is a size 2, I pick up a size 3 to knit off with. Size 3 alone was a tad too big, and size 2 a tad too small. Alternating them is, in the immortal words of Goldilocks, "Ju-u-ust right."

I am reminded by my computer that tonight is the West Michigan Lace Group meeting. 7pm, Byron Township Library, 8191 Byron Center Ave., Byron Center, Michigan.

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