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06 November 2006

The demo at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum was fun, but predictably, after four hours alternating between knitting pattern 16 of my "Sampler M" and exploring the museum with a seven-year-old, plus an hour's drive each way, I was wiped out!

Sunday I took it easy and gave my tussah silk scarf its annual wash (just a soak in warm water and a little of my own shampoo) and reblocked it.
I don't have blocking wires, so I just laid it out on a striped bath towel and finger-blocked it to the width of a stripe.

When I knitted this, in order to get matching ends, I knitted from each end and grafted it in the middle. The middle section, where it goes around my neck, is about 18 or 20 inches of plain rib. There is a half-stitch jog on the back where the two ribs join head-to-head, but on the front the join is pretty much invisible.

The lace pattern is "Candlelight", fairly similar to the version found in Mary Thomas's Book of Knitting Patterns. This was one of the first finished, usable objects I ever made in lace knitting, so I am pleased that after another year's knitting experience, it still looks good to me.

Pattern 17 from Sampler M was up Saturday morning, but I didn't print it out until yesterday. So that's what I'll be knitting next.

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