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30 October 2006

No Dial Tone

Guess what? It's really hard to call the phone company and tell them your phone isn't working when you have no dial tone!

Saturday was a windy day all day. All the trees along the lakeshore have a general lean to the east, from strong winds out of the west. But it was bright and sunny and not too cold.

I picked up a whole boxful of mystery books from a member of my Freecycle group Friday, so when I found I couldn't get online, couldn't stay online, and couldn't phone out, I spent much of Saturday and Sunday reading. It was a random selection of books that didn't sell in the library's book sale, so I was reading authors I never heard of.

I picked up the phone this morning and again had no dial tone, nothing, nada, handset dark. My husband promised he would call the phone company from work. Meanwhile I worked on "stuff".

I worked on the headboard shelf for our son's loft bed, drilling and screwing the pieces together so it can be painted and put up on his bed. I changed bedsheets and washed laundry, and amazingly -- on October 30th! -- got to hang the laundry out on the clothesline. I emptied the compost bucket. I hand-trimmed the grass around the patio stones outside the front door. I brought all the dry, sun-scented laundry inside (after shaking any lady bugs or hornets off) and folded it.

The weather was incredible today. Didn't it just snow here? Well, today the high temperature was 69 degrees Fahrenheit! And sunny.

Knitting? I did not knit. No, wait, I knitted a dishcloth Saturday, that's right. The Pi shawl is out to eight repeats done, number nine started. But it was way too beautiful and warm and sunny to sit indoors and knit today.

Meanwhile. If you tried to call me on the phone, it didn't ring. I'm not ignoring you. I've got a clear line right now (yay!) and hopefully tomorrow they'll fix the access box, so I won't be listening to AM radio static on my telephone.

So then maybe pictures, a blog post, time to answer emails. Wish me luck!


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