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18 October 2006

Dead Camera Batteries

I had the Pi shawl all laid out to take a new picture, and found the camera batteries were discharged. Then I couldn't find the battery charger, which used to "live" in the old computer room, now our son's room.

Although I did eventually find the battery charger, I still have to wait until the batteries charge enough to take pictures again. So no photos today!

I have knitted enough with the Susan Bates Quicksilver circ. to have formed an opinion, though. I can see that the clear cable of the Quicksilver is thicker than the clear cable of the Silvalume, and the Quicksilver points are sharper.

But the Quicksilver tips rasp against each other. It's like knitting with two thin scaley lizards, scritch, scritch, with each stitch. It isn't horrible enough to keep me from knitting, but there is a sharp contrast between the super-smooth and slippery Silverado with its thin black cable and the scritchy Quicksilver. And even between the less-slippery Silvalume and the Quicksilver.

I have one other pair of old Susan Bates straights that feel like this, but they are aluminum needles.

In other news, my husband cut the tiles to fit on the trapdoor over the storm cellar. Ajax the Golden Dog has always been very suspicious of that trapdoor. He knows there's a deep hole there, and he wouldn't walk on it when it was closed.

However, after the tiles were cut and laid (but not glued) on the door, Ajax came sniffing all around there, as if to say, "I know that hole is here someplace." He actually walked right on the door for the first time ever.

Tatt3r's lace blog reminds me that I better hurry up and decide what I am taking to the Kalamazoo Valley Museum's Festival of the Arts. (Check out the socks & wristers on her knitting blog!)

And then there is "the girl from auntie": she found a patent on double knitting! Issued in 1875! Her post is here.


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