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16 October 2006

Blow, Winds, Blow!

And they did. Between the snow and the high winds, a lot of our autumn color blew right off the trees. Not only was the power out at school at 8am, it was still out at 3pm when we drove past it to the post office. But the power was back on this morning!

However, instead of a kid home, today I have a husband home. So who knows what I'll get done.

This weekend we took more of the computer-room stuff out of our son's room and re-assembled it in the dome. Bit by bit, it is becoming a "real room". The desks are out there, the printers are moving out there.

I have to figure out where to put my bookcase desk and my filing cabinet, so I can take them out of the kid's new room. I imagine with my husband home, I'll be called on to move furniture, and not sit and knit. *sigh*


Blogger Beth said...

Cannot wait to see what you've done! If you won't visit me I'm coming to invade your space. Ha, ha! (You see how this works? If you visit me you can leave when you tire of my nonsense but if I come to visit you...mwa, ha, ha!)

Seriously though, write me and let me know what this weekend looks like for you. We have soccer Saturday morning but then we could come down.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Alwen said...

Just wait until you see his orange room! And he had to have a loft bed because your kid had one. Still have to get my desk & file cabinet out of there, *sigh*. "Move" is a 4-letter word, even if it's just furniture from room to room!

8:03 PM  

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