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28 October 2006

Phone Line . . . Bad

So many clicks, pops, and so much static it sounds like an AM radio. Upload a picture? Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm lucky to be able to download email right now. I am getting connection speeds (when I CAN get a connection) of 30 Kbps. And lower.

Husband swears the phone cable access box was not leaning at an angle like that before the roadside was mowed, but is gone for a National Guard drill this weekend, leaving me with the fun task of calling the phone company and enduring their "If it turns out to be a problem inside the house we charge you $100 just to show up and shake our finger of shame at you" speech.

The first time I had to call, the roadside mowing guy had hit it with his cutter bar and broken a couple of teeth (out of the cutter bar). Up to the phone cable box, mowed grass: after the cable box, mowed grass with an unmowed strip. Result: no dial tone.

The second time, just this summer, someone had left the road in their pickup truck and hit a neighbor's cable box hard enough to rip the fence post they had next to it right out of the ground. Then they drove away! Result: no dial tone. And the phone company sez, "We haven't had any reports of problems." Why is that, do you suppose?


Blogger Looming Looney said...

Hey, i've got the clicks, pops, static in my phone as well. when i talk on the phone it sounds like some one is sending a fax.

i don't know what i hate more the overpriced repair bill or the "we'll have someone out between 8 and 5" speech they always give you and wouldn't you know it they show up at exactly 4:59 and 59 seconds. A whole day waisted.

death to the phone company!!!!LOL

6:26 AM  
Blogger tatt3r said...

How's your Pi cape? You've inspired me to pick up my Pi doily, I'm in the 576 st section, and have 20 rounds finished. I think the SamplerM has improved my lace knitting, because it's going much smoother than before. Do you find the cape knits easier than your earlier doilies?

1:53 PM  

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