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23 October 2006

Teaser Snow

I've been trying to get a picture of the little snowballs that keep rattling down. Mostly they show as whitish blurs, but I think I captured at least one as a tiny white speck in mid-air.

This October has been unusual, in that while we have had snow a couple of times, we have not yet had an all-over killing frost. Everything has been patchy.

I drove north by about ten miles, and the fall color is still beautiful up there. Meanwhile, at my house, the snow and the wind have whipped most of the leaves off the trees already. It looks like November, with bare branches and gray skies. That makes me think of pumpkin pies and roast turkey, and we haven't even had Hallowe'en yet.

I was knitting away at the Pi shawl last night just before I left for this month's drum circle, and came to an end of the yarn in the middle of the cone! Boooooo! So I stopped knitting in the middle of a circular needle, in order to deal with joining the two ends in daylight.

Our drum circle was awesome. It is always great when the players synch up, and I always seem to end up charged up and ready for another month. Sadly, our hosts are going to be moving, and we will need to find a new place to drum. Our property has space to drum when the weather is nice, but we don't have a place to drum in winter or wet weather.

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