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21 November 2006

Paper Art

One of the many things I do for fun is fold origami. A couple of years ago I taught the members of my fiber arts guild to fold a moderately difficult modular hexagon box by Tomoko Fuse. Since then, one member occasionally sends me interesting things related to origami.

She sent me the email/slide show/ etc. presentation that has been going around via email and on youtube. The version she received had the subject "Japanese Paper Art". It had about twenty amazing pictures of paper art, cut out of a single sheet of paper: a castle, a hummingbird and a flower, a river. They were just . . . amazing. Stunning.

These pieces were finally discussed on the origami list.

Turns out the artist is a Dane, and his name is Peter Callesen. He deserves to get the credit, and if you found those images fascinating, there are ever so many more on his website. Most of the stuff going around the internet did NOT include any attribution to the artist, viz. the "Japanese" on the email my friend sent me.

So if you got it, and for some reason are going to pass it on, for goodness sake put Mr. Callesen's name BACK on his work.

And now for a little comic relief, I give you The Origami Boulder Guy.



Blogger Julie said...

ORIGAMI!!!! Holy cow, I think we're the same person. I did modular origami for years after my accident to get my fingers to work again (in fact, I should still be doing it) and Tomoko Fuse was always one of my favorites.

One of the things I really miss about Hawaii was the selection of origami papers at craft stores.

9:14 PM  
Blogger Alwen said...

I think Tomoko Fuse books are addictive! I started out with "Origami Boxes". Then I bought "Joyful O.B.", "Fabulous O.B.", and "Quick & Easy O.B.". Next thing I knew I was buying "Hako Baraeti Yunitto Origami", "Hako wo Tsukurou-Yunitto Origami" and "Multidimensional Transformations", which I think sounds more like science fiction than origami.

I bought some great washi from an eBay seller in Hawaii. The paper selection in Michigan is pretty thin -- I have to go to Chicago if I want real paper choices.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

I've got "Unit Origami" by Fuse. I stick to modular - it's fitting all those little bits together that's good for my fingers. Really should do some more...

When I found out we were moving from Hawaii, I loaded up on several things, origami paper being one of them. I've still got a stack here. Guess I'll hit eBay when I run out.

What do you do with your origami when it's done? I confess I usually give mine to the cat and let her go.

11:09 AM  

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