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18 December 2006

Cold-Weather Scarf in Warm Weather

Only a couple of inches at the end, and the blue waffle scarf will be done! In time for me to wear it this winter . . . if we ever get a winter.

It snowed here a couple of times back in October, then November was a month with 60-degree days. December has been abnormally warm, too, with 50-degree days. But this is Michigan: at some point it is bound to get cold enough again to wear a warm scarf.

My son and I picked out our Christmas tree last week, and I cut the bottom off and put it in the stand. We have been working on getting the lights and decorations on, and this weekend I declared it done.

I always try to get a balsam fir, or at least a fir of some species. My mom always bought balsam firs, and I love their smell! There is something about smells that wake up memories, and for me Christmas and balsam fir-smell are intertwined.

One year when I couldn't find a fir tree, I bought a spruce. Ouch. I had never bought a Christmas tree before that drew blood! (Balsam needles are soft and not pokey.)

I like to decorate the tree with Christmas music playing. Two of my favorite albums are Butch Thompson's Yulestride and Bethlehem After Dark.

I have a lot of Christmas albums, but I don't think "The Little Drummer Boy" is on any of them.

My taste leans towards "ancient music," so some of my other favorites include albums like Anonymous 4's On Yoolis Night and Ethan James' Ancient Music of Christmas, Christmas carols played on the hurdy-gurdy, among other instruments.

After the decorating is done, one of my favorite things is to sit and look at the lighted tree in the dark.

But right now it's daylight, such as it is in December, and I have to go do some odds and ends of grocery and present shopping!

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