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11 January 2007

Cold Weather?

It was cold enough this morning that I put my scarf on and started to think about finishing the blue waffle scarf. And my Pi shawl.

The weather forecast has highs in the 40's F. in it for the next couple of days, followed by colder, more seasonal weather, with the daily high temperatures falling through the 30's, 20's, and even into the teens. Knitting weather, "warm woollies" weather.

I actually did a little knitting last night again. The thread is Valdani crochet cotton, made in Romania, in two hand-dyed colors and two sizes (8 and 12). The needles are Dritz long doll needles, two pairs plus one to knit with.

I bought the thread from Kathy Kirchner last year when the West Michigan Lace Group hosted her trunk show. I love the changing colors of these two threads.

I have a little money that I received for Christmas, and I'm seriously thinking about locking it up somewhere to spend at the trunk show.

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Blogger Julie said...

As always, I love knowing there's someone as crazy as me when it comes to small gauge.

Have you tried knitting that thread with 0000 needles, or do the doll needles just appeal to you?

1:53 PM  
Blogger Alwen said...

I have 4-0 and 5-0 needles, and the doll needles run just a shade thicker than the 5-0's.

What I really like, besides the thinness, is the length. I bought a set of 4-inch 0000 glove needles last year, and they stab me right in the palm crease below the pinky.

The doll needles are just long enough to clear my palm and not stab me.

Here's another thing to love: two balls of Valdani and the work with the needles in it fit into a sandwich baggie. The knitting curls up enough at the edge that I roll the working needle up in it.

7:23 PM  

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