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13 February 2007

Darn It!

Yesterday we had a mini-heat wave of 28 degrees F., and I really wanted to rake the roof and take advantage of the melting that was going on. Instead I ended up driving off and buying groceries and picking up a library book that had come in for me.

By the time I had unpacked the van, it was time to get our son from school, and then I just had a couple of hours until time to leave for the West Michigan Lace Group meeting. Which I used, not to rake the roof and get all sweaty, but to knit the last repeat of Sampler M, make dinner, and throw my stuff in my bag for the meeting.

So instead of bare shingles, there is a bunch of snow up there that started out wet and now has frozen at 15 degrees F. The worst, hardest kind to rake off the roof, the kind that really needs a shovel. *sigh*

My husband wasn't available to stay home with our son, so for the first time in quite a while, he (the son, not the husband) had to come to a lace meeting with me. I think the last time I brought our son, he wasn't even crawling. Now he's seven (and a half, don't forget the half).

Fortunately, he was working on Valentines for Wednesday, and since the meeting was in a library, and not our local library, he was able to find a couple of books that interested him for most of the meeting.

Attendance was down, and I was a bit disappointed not to see Tatt3r and her KISS Pi shawl in person. But it's winter, so I understand.

I have to rake that roof -- I don't want to. The wind chill is down to 1 degree F.

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