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21 February 2007

Paczki, Freezing Fog, and Legwarmers

Yes, we did make paczki last night -- or to be honest, my husband, the chief cook and bottle washer in our house (and the guy with the Polish ancestry), made paczki, and I took pictures (and ate paczki).

I was very amused that while the directions tell you to cut out the dough with a water glass dipped in flour, my husband was using a plastic lunch container. "It has a nice sharp edge," he said.

School was delayed by two hours this morning because of freezing fog. While it looks very pretty glittering all over the trees, the beauty is not so apparent when you hit a patch of those glittering crystals that have formed on the road.

Fortunately it melts very quickly when the sun hits it. The picture at the left was taken at about 8:30 am, and the one on the right at 10:20 am. The frost was already steaming and dripping off the trees as I came back from the school.

Legwarmer #1 grew about an inch of K1 P1 ribbing and a row or three of stockinette, and a partner. I've already had them on over my jeans leg to double-check the size. My plan is to knit until I'm near the end of the ball, then switch to either K3 P3 or K2 P2 ribbing for the ankles.

How I Wear These: Pulled over the leg of my jeans, and down over the tops of my ankle-high winter boots. They keep the snow from falling down into my boot tops and packing into rings of ice around my ankles.

We're having a regular heat wave here in beautiful SW Michigan. It was in the 40's the last couple of days, so I've been shovelling the roof, and it's about 90% free of snow and ice. Today's sunshine should finish it off, just in time for forecast rain tonight.

The weather forecast this week veers between 40 degree F. temperatures and sunny, and 30 degree temperatures and snow, or freezing rain, or sleet. Or a mixture!

Anyway, there is still too much snow to dig in the garden, so I imagine plenty of knitting will get done.

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