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14 March 2007

The Crocuses Wasted No Time

We had an unseasonably warm, even hot day yesterday: the temperature soared up to 69 degrees F. and it was sunny all day. The snow melted off some of the crocuses by Monday afternoon, and I pointed out their leaves to our son when we got home from the dentist and the library.

By yesterday morning (Tuesday), a couple were already blooming when we went out the door for school, and by evening, even more had opened up. I was ready for spring, but I just hope I can keep up!

It was really too warm for the maple sap flow, though. I collected another half gallon. The temperatures are supposed to cool back down to highs in the 30's and 40's and lows in the 20's again, so we'll see if the sudden heat has dried up the sap flow or not.
My mother always told me that when I looked for a house, to look at houses in March. I guess the reason is that if you look at a house in March in Michigan, you are going to see the dirty, slushy snow piles, the flattened brown grass and all the possible wet spots on the property. Basically, you are going to see that house in its "waking up in hair curlers" state, so there will be fewer disappointments or unwelcome surprises.

Fortunately, although we first looked at our house in October and not March, the house was built on a dry spot. These wet spots are on the path at the south end of our quarter-mile-deep lot. (And that explains why I keep buying boot-cut jeans: they fit into my knee-high rubber boots that I wear on this path when it's wet.) I still haven't heard any spring peepers (tiny, loud frogs that call in the spring), but it won't be long.

With such warm weather, I was outside for much of the day. I did a little knitting (ribbing on socks and legwarmers), but I admit I could hardly sit still for it.

Today it is already cooling, from 64 degrees at midnight to about 57 now, and it is supposed to continue to cool down over the course of the day. And it is damp and overcast. So probably tomorrow I will have more knitting to show.

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Blogger Bells said...

so michigan is thawing and the crocuses are emerging. How beautiful. My favourite flowers in the whole world. Give me 5 months and I'll post photos of them here, minus the snow melting, of course.

6:07 PM  

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