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13 March 2007

A Tatted Bookworm

I got the cutest tatted "bookworm" bookmark at last night's West Michigan Lace Group meeting! I'll have to scan him and print out a paper one so our son doesn't make off with him. Doesn't he look caterpillar-y?

I only managed to finish one knitted bookmark, this "Four Hearts" one.

Both my husband and our son had dentist appointments Monday, and our son had his first cavity filled. It was a traumatic afternoon, so we spent a little more time at the library afterwards -- the child said, "When I'm reading, I don't notice if something hurts."

So I got home without quite enough time to bind off and block the leaf bookmark I've been not working on since last March. I think I'd better finish it off so it doesn't sit until next year!

We are having too-warm weather, with a predicted high in the 60's (F.) today. Why is that too warm? If the temperature doesn't dip down to freezing at night, the maple sap flow will cut off, and that would mean no maple syrup this year, boo! I only have about a half a gallon, enough to make maybe an ounce of syrup. We like it too well on pancakes for that to be anywhere near enough. Tomorrow it is supposed to dip back down to 40 during the day, so I'll be watching the level in my sap jug.

The other disadvantage of such warm weather is as the "glaciers" retreat from the fenced yard, reminders emerge from under the snow of all the times I let the dogs out into a howling blizzard, and didn't follow after them with the shovel!

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Blogger Bells said...

i've always longed to get fresh maple syrup out of a tree. As a kid, I tried it after a Canadian exchange student spoke about it at school. My sister and I drilled with Dad's hand drilled for hours in a small tree we thought was a maple tree. All we did was mess up the tree!

6:08 PM  

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