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26 March 2007

Lambs & Flowers

These cute little guys are Shetland lambs and their mothers at the farm of my friend who spins and makes bobbin lace. The lamb on the right got separated from his mother after he and his twin were born, and by the time they were reunited, she already had one lamb, thank you, and was having none of him! So he's being bottle-raised in the kitchen.

The temperature zoomed up to 75 degrees F. yesterday, and spring flowers popped out like mad.

In the morning, the daffodils were still in tight buds. By evening, they were opening everywhere, and so were white and purple sweet violets. The maple trees have come into flower, and the sap flow shut off. I pulled the tap and finished boiling down a last 4 ounces of maple syrup.

I wish it would cool off a little, so I could enjoy the spring flowers for more than a day or two. This sudden heat, which seems to be the way spring comes on now, brings the flowers out and finishes them off so quickly, I hardly have time to walk around and see what's in bloom before it's dried up and in need of deadheading!

Slow down, Spring, you just got here!

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