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13 January 2006

Back to Gray Skies

It's a good thing I took advantage of the sunshine yesterday, as today we are back to Michigan "normal": overcast gray sky. It started raining at about 8 AM and rained all day. I tried to get a picture of the rain slanting down, but it was too dark! I think the sky looked even grayer than my monitor shows.

So I was really glad I got the yew bush pruned. Now (about 7 PM) it is totally dark out and snowing a bit, big wet flakes that don't look like they'll stick. It's already hard to believe that I took a walk outside in a t-shirt yesterday.

Today I knitted a couple of rows on the purple mitten thumbs, not really enough to take another picture of.

Then for some reason the rainbow net bag that has been sitting around called out to me, and I've been working rounds on that. As my netting shuttle gets emptier, I am going back to smaller netting gauges. I was down to the half-inch wide one. Now I am using a 7/16ths. My highly complicated plan is to keep netting until I run out of thread on the netting shuttle. Then I'll probably fingerloop-braid two drawstrings. Where else would I get matching cords for something this bright?

The thread is J.& P. Coats "Royale" Classic Crochet Thread, article 162, color 250 "Mexicana", size 10.

My netting shuttle was made for me by my brother out of a piece of brass welding rod. He hammered both ends flat, like a kayak paddle, and cut slots in them. I have "real" steel netting needles from Lacis, but the longest is 7-1/2 inches. The one my brother made me is 9-1/4. It holds a lot of thread. I like being able to work and work without having to refill my shuttle.

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