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28 December 2005

It's the Dark of the Year

Starting with rain on Christmas Eve, almost all of our snow has melted. One of the advantages of snow is that it multiplies the thin northern winter daylight. Today, most of the snow was gone, and we had a heavily overcast day and fine drizzly rain. In fact, my husband, who took the week off (thus limiting my computer and blog time), was heating himself a bowl of soup, and that made me think it must be almost dinner time, as it was so dark. So I went out to get the mail and the evening newspaper, and the paper wasn't there. And when I looked at the clock, it was only 2:30 pm!

So I got a bit of knitting done on his purple mittens. I am down to the cuffs now, and soon will be going back to pick up the stitches for the thumb.

I flattened the left mitten over so the tubular-ness of it is a bit more apparent.

Someone asked me for my pattern -- uhhh, I just traced around my husband's hands on graph paper and started knitting! Every so often I take them off onto four needles and try them on him.

The knitted heart swatch came out really well. I really like this heart. Instead of being a heart made with one stitch at the point, and an odd number of stitches, this one is made with an even number of stitches. The heart lobes come out nice and even. I think I will change the ground to one that is faster and simpler. But the heart itself is so neat. I should diagram it for my frame_knitting Yahoo group.

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