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02 January 2006

Busy Vacation

But not much knitting. My husband took four days off work, and my son had vacation from school. We had an excellent Christmas Eve (seafood chowder with shrimp, scallops, cod this year, oysters, and lobster). All the pre-cooking and making, taking, and baking went well. All in all, very smooth and stress-free. Then after Christmas Eve, complete with oplatki, we went home and slept like logs.

Although it rained on the snow, it had not yet melted the driveway, and we got to the top of the hill, but not quite into our parking space. Close enough.

Christmas was great, too. I had a Christmas miracle: my son did not once say "Is that all?" about his presents. In fact, several times he started playing with toys or reading books he got, and had to be prompted to open something else.

Two out of three of my brothers showed up, and we had a tasty dinner at Mom & Dad's.

So after that, we had this "week off". Har-de-har-har. Which we used to:

  • clean the electrostatic air cleaner filter (me)
  • prime the drywall on the inside of the geodesic dome (husband)
  • install the new storm door (mostly me)
  • cook more tasty Polish food for our "month of Polish cooking" (husband)
  • integrate multiple presents into the household (all of us)
  • replace the hallway light fixture -- no more bare bulb! (husband)
  • watch new movies, spend gift cards, read new books (oh, gosh, we had to have some fun!)

    Meanwhile, this whole past week, we had mostly rain. Some drizzly wet snow, but today we had rain and thunder. January, winter, Michigan, of course we would have rain. It got dark, then we had that weird yellowish "storm light".

    With all the rain, it was hard to think of mittens. I have about 8 or so rows to go to finish the cuff, then I have to pick up the stitches for the thumbs. If the snow ever does come back, my husband will finally have mittens.

    I also need to think about knitting the trick socks, two at once, one inside the other. I am getting really nervous about doing this! So I am probably going to learn a lot!

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