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03 February 2006

Mrs. Tiggywinkle, or My Two-Socks-At-Once Hedgehog

I have been mulling over how to knit the heels as I finished the last few rows of the foot. Elaine brought up the point that since every other stitch belongs to a different sock, the stitches are spaced out from each other. And a short-row heel might turn out even more "holey" at the turns than usual.

I usually use wrapped short-rows to turn a sock heel, and have had good results. These socks were knitted with wrapped short-row heels, and the heels turned out nice and hole-less.

But I thought that with the intervening stitch spacing out the wrap, my wraps might not turn out tight enough to close the hole to my satisfaction.

So here is my needle-spiky solution:

It does feel like cheating to be knitting each sock all by itself, even though they are still connected at the top of the instep!

I went down another needle size to knit the heels, from US 4 to US 3. Luckily, I happen to have two sets of size 3 to accommodate all this spikiness.

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