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08 February 2006

Holy Heels, Knitwoman!

Both heels are finally done. I am still having a problem where my increasing rows turn out nicely at the end when I am purling, but . . . not as nicely on the end when I am knitting. Obviously I am doing something slightly different, but although I experimented a bit, I am still not sure-for-certain what the difference is.

In any case, they look all right from a distance, and stuffed with their yarn balls, they don't show big glaring holes, so I am mostly satisfied with the turns.

Now for the fun part: picking them back up onto a single set of needles and knitting the ribbing. I am going to do a P2 K2 spiral ribbing. This is a brain-stretcher!

It works like this:

Front layer, purl with yarn in front
Back layer, bring yarn to front, purl, put yarn back
Repeat once (total 4 purls, 2 from the front and 2 from the back)

Front layer, move yarn to back, knit, bring yarn to front again
Back layer, knit with yarn in back
Repeat once (total 4 knits, 2 in front and 2 in back)

Sometimes, to give myself a break, I knit one layer at a time, slipping the stitches from the other layer. But since I am knitting and purling, I end up flipping the yarn.

Front Layer:
Purl, slip, purl, slip, yarn to back, knit, yarn to front, slip, yarn to back, knit, yarn to front, slip. (It's a lot easier to knit than to type out!)

Back layer:
Yarn to front, purl, yarn to back, slip, yarn to front, purl, yarn to back, slip, knit, slip, knit, slip.

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Anonymous Bethelia said...

Ah,now look, you've gone and made my brain explode again! Gees, and I just cleaned the computer screen!

You must show me how to make those valentines! I'll have to go buy some this time.

4:04 PM  

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