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23 February 2006

No More Dead Buick!

When I pulled it out to measure it, I discovered I had my five feet done! All this time I thought I had another whole foot left to knit, and hah! It's done!

So this little multi-purpose picture shows my finally-empty knitting frame, the "Finally-Ended Belt" (I'd put a .WAV file of cheers and applause here if I had one!), and the leaf bookmark I am knitting for our exchange at the next West Michigan Lace Group meeting.

The bookmark looks pretty "scrumply" unblocked, but I knitted and blocked a swatch, and so I know (cross fingers) it will look much better after blocking. I am knitting this one on size 1 US needles, out of a reel of 18/1 singles linen that I got in a box lot of weaving yarn I bought on eBay years ago.

I bid on the box because the description claimed it had some silk in it. The "silk" turned out to be "art. silk", or rayon, but I got two unused spools of singles linen, this one and a white one still in the cellophane, a cone of thicker yellow linen singles, and some "Cot-Lin" linen-cotton blend, plus other yarns. I say "spool" because the cardboard center is spool-shaped and not cone-shaped, but there are probably thousands of yards on there. Lots and lots of knitting time. I did say I was going to work out of my existing stash this year!



Blogger tatt3r said...

I love your bookmark! Can't wait to see it in person. You are right, obviously GMTA.

10:40 AM  

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