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21 February 2006

I Love to Blog

But am I the only one who dislikes the word "blog"? In my dialect of US English, it is usually pronounced "blahg" to rhyme with "blah". Blaahhhhhhhh-g. Not a pretty sound. But the word it comes from, the "log" of "web log", is pronounced "lawg", to rhyme with "law", as in "There oughta be a law!"

When I go through "-og" words in my head, I find

dog, pronounced "dawg"
hog, "hawg"
This is a one-syllable "aw" sound, more "aw" than "ow".

bog, "bahg", a word of Gaelic origin according to my dictionary, and very relevant to soggy and boggy Michigan
cog, "cahg"
clog, "clahg"
grog, not one I hear a lot, but I think of it as "grahg"
jog, "jahg"
nog, as in "egg nog", "nahg"
sog, "sahg" or soggy, as in "water-logged"
slog, "slahg"
This is an open, one-syllable "ah" sound.

These two words switch back and forth between the "ah" and the "aw" sounds:
frog, usually "frahg", but sometimes "frawg"
fog, like frog, varies between "fahg" and "fawg"

Nothing to do with tatting or knitting, just something that goes through my head when I log (lawg) into Blogger (blahg-er)!


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